We specialize in helping you provide
quality benefits for your people so your people
can deliver more benefits to the business.

Nothing is as important as family. We can help 
to insure that your family's financial condition
is protected, especially when you can't. 

If it's important to you, it's worth protecting.  
We have decades of experience providing solutions
for businesses of all types and for people like you.

Your business is exactly that, Your business.
Confidentiality, Integrity and Honesty
are values you can count on.  

Committed to Customized Solutions

Hipskind Seyfarth Risk Solutions LLC is a full-service Brokerage and Consulting Firm

Hipskind Seyfarth Risk Solutions offers a wide-range of insurance products for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We represent reputable and competent insurance carriers that deliver quality products, allowing us to facilitate highly effective and customized solutions.

At Hipskind Seyfarth our focus is on building a partnership with our clients.  We work together to develop a strategy reflecting each customer's philosophy and economic goals. Employers and families count on our assistance to navigate evolving market trends, legislative changes and specialized product offerings. For over 25 years our company has worked steadfastly as an advocate for our clients, enjoying a solid reputation within our industry for quality, honesty and integrity.

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Employee Benefits

Hipskind Seyfarth can get you great rates.

Employers of all sizes look for comprehensive, cost-effective benefit programs when structuring compensation packages for their employees. Hipskind Ltd, offers a broad-range of products through our professional resources and depth-of-experience as employee benefit specialists to structure, price, assist in administration and aide in the utilization of your benefit solutions.

Individual Benefits

Hipskind Seyfarth can get you great rates.

At Hipskind Seyfarth we assist in the structuring of individual and family coverage to meet specific needs and budgets, through our comprehensive line of products lines and custom plan designs.

Benefit Services

Hipskind Seyfarth can get you great rates.

At Hipskind Seyfarth we provide services ranging from plan design and development to benefit enrollment and administration assistance. Through personalized customer care, we are available to assist with plan utilization, as well as claims processing and adjudication.