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Investing in Fitness

A quality fitness facility will allow you the opportunity to exercise in a safe environment under the direction of qualified personnel. It also offers access to the latest exercise equipment and a variety of activity programs.


Check for these safety measures:

  • Does the facility have a posted emergency response or evacuation plan?
  • Does the facility have an automated external defibrillator (AED) onsite? These devices can be used to aid someone suffering cardiac arrest.
  • Is the facility clean, well-maintained and appropriately lit?
  • Is the facility free from physical or environmental hazards?
  • Does the facility have adequate heating, cooling and ventilation?
  • Is there adequate parking, especially at peak times?


The facility should have a professional staff with the appropriate education and training related to the duties they perform. Qualifications should include a college degree in a health-related field and an exercise certification from a nationally recognized nonprofit organization. Staff should also be trained in CPR, first aid and the use of AEDs.

 Programs and Services

The facility should provide a variety of equipment and programs to meet your personal fitness goals and interests. You may want to look for a facility that offers group programs and programs that address medical conditions. You can also find out whether the facility offers fitness assessments and personalized exercise programs.

 Youth services. Check to make sure that the facility provides for your needs regarding child care and/or youth programs.

 Special Needs. Ask questions to see if the staff of the fitness facility can meet your needs for modification of equipment, facilities and programs. The facility should conform to all relevant local, state and federal laws, regulations and standards, as well as local building codes or ordinances.

Invest in Your Fitness

Joining a health or fitness facility is an investment in your health, fitness and quality of life. Make sure the facility has a good reputation and that you read and understand everything before signing a contract. 


  • Is there a trial membership?
  • Is there a grace period in which you can cancel your membership and receive a refund?
  • Are there different membership options?
  • Does the facility provide you with a written set of rules and policies?
  • Does the facility have a procedure to inform members of any changes in charges, services or policies?